I began the ongoing mobile project in 2003. Although many of my works involve some type of openness (changeability or indeterminacy), this series of works explores a specific kind of openness, the mobile. The goal here is to compose a new mobile every year, each with a unique instrumentation, and each with its own way of being mutable.

2004 horn, tuba and piano resonance


2005  guitar quartet


2006  percussion quartet


2007  16 voice mixed choir


2008  string quartet


2009  piano

2010  guitar

2011  flute and guitar

A number of the mobiles

are recorded on the eponymous Numerica disc, which is available on i-tunes

2012  flute


2013 contrabass and electronics


2014 soprano saxophone 

2015 harp and guitar

2016 bass flute and electronics

2017 2 similar instruments

2018 performer, audio & video

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